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Double R Trading is an international wholesaler specialized in new motorcycles. With 17 years of experience in more than 25 countries, we are sure we can provide you with any bike you need. Double R Trading has a vast knowledge of the various international motorcycle markets. Our extensive network enables us to supply a wide variety of makes and models.

We sell exclusively to motorcycle shops and motorcycle wholesalers. Supply can be per single item as well as on container basis. For optimum flexibility in logistics, we have our bonded warehouse and office at the same location. Three loading docks and several entrances ensure quick and easy loading. We can work simultaneously with several fork lifts. Our loading platforms are suitable for standard and low trucks as well as for container chassis.

Bonded warehouse: it contains part of our stock and can be shipped outside Europe without any European taxes. For those shipments Double R Trading has the licence to produce all well-known export papers like T1, ATR, EUR1, etc. Shipment can be directly from our bonded warehouse. We are AEO certified; AEO is an international safety standard issued by the customs authority.

Some brands deliver their motorcycles to us without a crate. For those we have developed a special knock-down crate for shipping/ transporting them.