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Import motorcycles

Double R Trading is a reliable trading partner for the import of your motorcycles. We have the appropriate licences and certificates and a wide range of delivery options. Moreover we can offer you a choice from a very wide range of brands and models.

Logistics of the import of motorcycles

There is a very broad range of logistic possibilities for the import of our motorcycles. For example, we have our own bonded warehouse on our premises. The warehouse has three loading bays and several large loading doors. This enables as prompt and easy as possible loading. At the same time we have various forklift trucks at our disposal. Our bay platforms are suitable for both regular and low trucks and also for container chassis.

The delivery options

Our delivery options are extremely varied:

  • Per item
  • Small quantities
  • On container basis

Licences and certificates

We are highly professional with regard to handling the import of our motorcycles. Our company building includes its own bonded warehouse, enabling us to directly export part of our stock to outside Europe without having to pay European import duties. We are licensed to draw up export documents such as T1 and ATR. This is ideal for shipments: dispatch can thus take place directly from the bonded warehouse. Besides this licence we are also AEO certified. This is an international safety standard issued by the customs authority.

Importing your motorcycles through Double R Trading

Are you a motorcycle wholesaler or retailer? Then have Double R Trading import your motorcycles. Due to our central location in the Netherlands we supply to various countries across the globe. We work exclusively business-to-business. With our years of experience and extensive knowledge we know precisely what our customers want. Therefore we always have a large stock from which you can choose. Please contact us for further information about our types of motorcycles.