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Honda motorcycle parts

Honda is a renowned and reliable motorcycle brand. Therefore it goes without saying that you can also find Honda motorcycle parts in our webshop.

The offer in our webshop

In our webshop you can chiefly find accessories and power restrictor kits.

Restrictor kits

Alpha Technik is a prominent German brand known for its power restrictor kits. We are importer of these products and you will therefore find these in our webshop for the various motorcycle licence categories. These restrictor kits are highly suitable for beginner riders with a motorcycle licence for motorcycles with limited power output. The 25 kW restrictor kit, for example, has been developed to reduce the power output to 25 kW. In this way you can buy the motorcycle of your choice regardless of your motorcycle licence.

Alpha Technik for the motorcycle trade

Restrictor kits are very interesting for you as motorcycle retailer. These kits provide a wider choice for beginner riders. Nearly every new or used motorcycle from any category can now, by means of the restrictor kits, be prepared for the novice rider who can now ride the motorcycle of his dreams straight away, without having to take into account the original output of the series engine.

Ordering Honda motorcycle parts

Are you looking for original spare Honda motorcycle parts? Then we are also your partner of choice. We supply any parts required for maintenance, repair or enhancement of your motorcycles. We also offer original accessories, such as cases, seats and backrests. Are you interested in specific components or do you have any questions? We will gladly assist you: please feel free to contact us.